TikTok Top 10 – Hashtags, Top Trends and Inside Stats

TikTok Top 10 – Hashtags, Top Trends and Inside Stats

Are you curious about the top trending TikTok Videos?
TikTok just released their top 10 in certain categories such as hashtags, trends, viral videos, challenges and couple more.

So if you want to know about TikTok most watched Videos in 2020 then here we go.

1. #YouHaveTo – You have to learn from these videos.

2. #BlindingLights – A dance for the ages.

For some reason No2 got taken down in the meanwhile.

3. #TwoPrettyBestFriends – Have you ever seen it?

4. #HurtMyFeelings – This time I’ll be bulletproof.

5. #RandomThings – Showing off random things that just make sense.

6. #DontLeaveMe – Puns and smiles.

7. #IAmLost – Pouring some out for all the items we’ve lost.

8. #BoredInTheHouse – In the house, bored with a beat.

9. #TimeWarpScan – Limitless transformations in one creative effect.

10. #MedievalTikTok – Can thee passeth the vibe checketh?

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Will you be the next trending TikTok star ?